Real Weddings: Scott and Sophie’s Army Wedding Ceremony in Anchorage, Alaska

First up, today is not only 11.11.11 – it is also Veteran's Day for my American readers. For those of you not familiar with this holiday, it is the day that we (as a nation) stop and thank all the veterans who have ever served in any capacity in America's armed forces. I come from a VERY long line of veterans, attended school on an Air Force base, and I am married to The Boy – a retired disabled veteran. So this day? Is very sacred to me.

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Second, I have THE COOLEST real wedding to share with y'all today! Not only is it the wedding of an Army veteran but it was also held in my homestate (and birthplace) Anchorage, Alaska! Woot! I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED (See, what I did there? With the exclaimation points? To show my excitement?) to share it with you that I'm just gonna dive right in – see you after the photos!

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Images Courtesy of: Chugach Peaks Photography

I freakin' ADORE this wedding cermeony. It was held in the Alaska Botanical Garden and I love all the military touches – the uniforms, the tying in the bridesmaid attire with the uniforms, and especially the sword ceremony/arch during the recessional. I have been to many military weddings over the years but this one stands out to me thanks to Sophie and Scott's ability to tastefully tie in the military theme with the more "civilian" touches like the fall flowers and rustic venue.

So tell me, Tulle Nation – what's your favorite part of Sophie and Scott's Army wedding? Have any of you been to a military wedding? What was your impression? Or do you just want to do a shout out to your veteran? Fire away in the comments!