Real Weddings: The Bridemaid Dresses

By now you should be very familiar with the theme of this last weekend's Real Wedding. It was pink, pink, and pink. So, of course, the bridesmaids wore…pink. And they actually looked quite lovely (who knew that hot pink was so flattering?).

One of the topics that came up when Helen was originally picking the dresses was cost. Helen is a good bride and understands that your attendants should never have to sell their organs just to afford their bridesmaid's dress. So Helen found a dress for under $100 and her 'maids gladly ponied up.


Photo Courtesy of: Skip Peabody

Now, here's the thing. The reason that Helen was able to find tradional bridesmaid's attire for under 100 bucks was because she went with cheap satin. Really. And wanna know a secret? Cheap satin photographs better than the more expensive versions. So it's all win/win.