Reception: Table Decoration


From Cris: I have such a good guest post for y'all today. It's from Kitty Kanzashi (check out her etsy shop (for truly lovely folded fabric hair ornaments) or follow her on Twitter) and has she got some sweet tips, tricks, and MAJOR eye candy (and I know that we all LOVE eye candy) for figuring out your reception's table decorations! Check it out:

From Kitty: [For my own wedding,] one of the things I left until pretty late is the table decorations; however, I did give myself 3 months advance notice to have a think and to source components.

But what should I do?  There is only one thing for it, Google wedding table decorations!

Wow, there are a lot of images for table décor! As I was trawling through them I found myself setting ground rules that helped me decide what I wanted.

081611 a 

The first one was on candles. Candles are lovely piece of decoration. They come in all sort of sizes and can be used with various glassware.  However, as I am having an afternoon reception they seemed a little bit redundant if I do not light them. So, no candles for me then.

081611 b 

Now to tackle the flower issue. I live 4-5 hours away from where I am having my wedding so ideally I would hire a florist to sort out the flowers. But I love my DIY and I’m a bit of a control freak so fresh flowers seem to be out of the question. Therefore, the solution is fake flowers! I can get them well in advance and in the colour I wanted. Perfect!

081611 c 

I am having a nice, small, casual wedding with people just enjoying themselves. So I need a table setting that would promote this feeling… therefore, less is more!  No over the top centrepieces that dominate the table and cause problems with glasses, cutlery, and plates. Personally I hate it when I go to a restaurant and find that there is no room to add a glass of water because of the silly flowers in the middle. 

So, what image have I selected that I will use for inspiration? Well, this is the picture which seems to sum up my feelings.

 081611 d

I will have some medium-size glassware in the middle with flowers and then surround them with smaller pieces of glassware and/or flowers. Then, rather then scattering petals, I will use some crystals to add some bling factor.

All I need to do now is to go shopping!

From Cris: Thanks, Kitty! I just love your simple and stylish table decor ideas. Did anyone else in Tulle Nation use Google to find wedding decor inspiration? Was it helpful? Did you prep yourself by creating ground rules for helping to weed out the must-haves from the um, nos? Do tell!