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From Cris: Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I am a HUGE baseball fan – specifically the Boston Red Sox (and my back-up favorite team – the Texas Rangers). And guess what I'm doing today? That's right, y'all! I'm watching my Red Sox take on my Rangers in Arlington (this is an annual tradition for The Boy and I). In honor of my day o' baseball (hee… ball) – my girl Casie is doing a Red Sox inspired post (oh… and because she lost a bet). Read on for the goodness that is a Red Sox Nation wedding.

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From Casie: Hello Lovebugs! The Name (My Name) is Casie {kay-cee; KC} — it's not a difficult name by any means, but one that folks have continuously mispronounced and misspelled for 28 years and counting. That's just a part of my  fantastic little world. I was born & raised a diehard Yankees fan, and am the proud mommy to a bouncing baby…blue and white Mini Cooper. We're BFF and like to pretend that we're in The Italian Job at least once a week. 

I consider myself one of the luckiest girls alive, am inspired and energized by couples who are genuinely themselves, and live for moments that simply exist as they were meant to. Casie {kay-cee; KC} Photographics is all about relaxed sessions, passionate couples, and dynamic – yet timeless – images that reflect your personalities and love for one another. Based out of Orlando, Florida – recent sessions have taken place at Walt Disney World, New York City, and Southern California.

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Every sports fan knows there's only ONE thing to do when challenged by a rival of epic proportions… to take the bet, go big or go home, and pray (heavily) to the Olympic-like Gods of Major League Baseball that your team – yes, the one in Pinstripes of navy blue from New York, hopefully, goes on to WIN! Which is exactly what the Yankees did on Friday night, August 5th.

They did not, however win the next two games…thus losing the series, and wrecking havoc in MLB Olympic God Land (Okay, okay. So that was really my dad throwing bolts of Zeus like thunder from our rooftop; no big deal.). Those wins, my friends, went to the Red Sox. Ohhhhhhh the Red Sox of Boston…how your bloody socks have plagued me. And, so. The mighty Casie has struck out (A reference you know if you've read THIS poem — and one I have dealt with literally every time I've struck out…).

In being a rather excellent sport (if I do say so myself…) I am now to provide the ever so lovely Cris of Kiss My Tulle (and Red Sox Nation) something that very few people – if any – will ever get from me again. That being….a Red Sox themed guest post! Yup, Cris sent a tweet that Friday afternoon in the form of a wager. If the Yankees won?  She'd guest post on my blog. And if the Red Sox won? Well. You know what happened. And so here I am. I cannot even begin to tell you just how many people this elates….but let me start with some of my best friends. Yeah, you heard me. I have some BEST-BEST-BEST friends that are, indeed, born & raised Red Sox fans.

Clearly Arturo, Court, and Liz are making fun of ME here in this photo, and I assure you that the Yankees were brought up.  It's a good thing that I have an amazing sense of humor…that being said? This is also the last photo I took with these three; dated January 2007.  But, seriously.  I still love them. Sometime after October and before Spring Training, of course. ūüėČ

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It is also true when I say that a majority of my clients are, indeed, Red Sox fans.  

This is also a testament, I think, to the sense of humor I feel God has placed in this good world of ours.

Take, for example, my gorgeous bride Michelle & her groom, Jim…

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Image Courtesy of:  The Name is Casie

WAIT!  Let's take Michelle's WHOLE Family. Straight up Boston – accent and all – and they still loved me. Of course, Michelle waited until AFTER the reception to tell them that the photographer they adored so much was, indeed, a Diehard Yankee. We still rocked it out to Sweet Caroline.

C'mon!  You can't help but love a lil' Neil Diamond!

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

And take this groom — we'll call him Buckley, because everyone does — and his lovely bride, Dani. Red Sox Fans.

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

And the stunning Christine (*ahem* YANKEES fan, thankyouverymuch!) married Cade. Who….Yes, my friends. Happens to be a Red Sox Fan. I don't even know how this happened… but they say that opposites attract and clearly they're makin' the Rivalry one filled with L-O-V-E (They even welcomed Baby Emma into the world recently!!)  

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

Cade's Mom even gave him these AMAZING cufflinks that were from a game used Red Sox baseball. Listen. I'm a Yankees fan — but THAT? IS. ONE. COOL. GIFT. Ladies — that is also one awesome idea for your baseball lovin' grooms too!

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

And just last month, I traveled on yonder to Lil' Mr. Collin's home for his newborn session. I was setting up when I heard his dad say, "Yankees or Mets?" as he peered out his front window. Without hesitation, my answer has been and always will be, "Yankees."

"Sorry to hear that…." I knew then that I had entered the home of someone who was supportin' the enemy.

"No apologies needed…The Yanks haven't done me wrong yet…"

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

And, it's true… that while I urged them to bring every bit of Red Sox gear they had out for this little guy… I also consoled Collin as he cried with words of, "I know, I know…I don't like these colors either."

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Image Courtesy of: The Name is Casie

All in good fun, I love the rappoire I have with my Red Sox clients. We gently tease one another… I think. And it's even true that a good majority of my MLB-lovin' friends here in Florida? Just happen to be Red Sox Fans. Again. There's a lot of humor here in Life to be found…

So, I owe Mrs. Cris a Guest Post. And in fairness, good sportsmanship, and naturally because I just LOVE baseball THIS much to overlook our differences (and of course, to agree to disagree) – I wanted to leave her fabulous readers with something epic. So…Red Sox fans? Eat your ever lovin' hearts out… because there's A LOT of inspiration to be found for a baseball themed wedding!

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You see, there are things to love… even about Boston. Because, similar to my Yankees? Boston is KNOWN for their history, their traditions, and the Nation that has come to be known as Red Sox Nation. I get that — I respect that — in ways that MOST people on planet Earth couldn't even dream to fathom not only because I'm a baseball fan… but because I am a Diehard Yankees fan. I honestly wish more Red Sox/Yankees would come to see that far beyond the rivalry? There's actually some pretty solid similarities.

We're both actually REALLY amazing teams enriched by history and tradition; surrounded by two of the United States most phenomenal cities. Hey! I LIKE tea parties, Boston! I enjoy the competition, and I respect that BOTH of our teams have lifelong, loyal, true blue (or red) FANS. A lot of teams simply can't say that to be honest… so, to each their own. I certainly struck out that weekend in The Bronx, but… sportsfans, don't forget! The Yanks and Red Sox meet up again at the end of August.

Should we double this up a lil', Cris?  ;)  

From Cris: Casie - You're on! Like Donkey Kong! In the Vietcong! Hittin' a bong! Okay… I'll stop now. Ahem. Thanks Casie for stopping by (and TOTES inspiring The Boy and I to do a few shots at our engagement session in our Red Sox/Rangers shirts) and playing so nicely with the enemy. So, Tulle Nation – are any of you baseball fans incorporating your sports love into your wedding day? How? Or did you do a little sumpin' sumpin' during your engagement session – or possibly will during the honeymoon (trip to Cooperstown?)? Or do you just wanna swing a shout-out to the Red Sox (or, ew, the Evil Empire [which, when typed into Google, hilariously comes up with all Yankees references)? Let us know about it in the comments!