Registry Must-Haves: Dinnerware Edition

One of the bestest parts of getting married (beyond the whole marrying your best friend and partner for life thingy) is registering. Yay! Cheers for blantantly asking for stuff that you need (or just really, really want). But what exactly are you supposed to be looking for? Registering can be an bewildering process – EVERYONE (salespeople, your mom, friends) will try to tell you what you "need" or "can't live without". But really, you probably don't need or will die without most of what they are recommending.

Take dinnerware – most people do not need formal china and then a second set of everyday tableware. Really. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the "supposed tos" of a formal registry – calm down. I'm here for you, babes.

When it comes to dinnerware, all your really need are the following pieces (I recommend registering for a dozen of each but it's your call). With these basic pieces, you can add fun linens and centerpieces to create whatever atmosphere you desire:

Plain White Dishes

Buffet Plates (12 for $59.95) from Crate and Barrel:


Plain White Bowls

Stackable Bowls (4 for $14.99) from Target:


Clear Glass Salad Plates

Bari Glass Plate ($2.95) from CB2:


Clear Glass Tumblers

Marta Barware ($1.50 – $2.50) from CB2:


Glass Votive Holders

Easy Tealight Holder ($.95) from Crate and Barrel:


Wine Glasses

Libbey Vina Red Wine Glasses (4 for $15.49) from Target:


Silver Flatware

Foster Flatware Set (20 pieces for $69.95) from Crate and Barrel: