Save Money: Think Small

One of the easiest ways to save money when putting together a wedding is to think smaller. Smaller wedding party (fewer gifts, fewer must invite dates). Smaller bar (nix the full bar and stick to one cocktail and a single red and/or white wine). Smaller guest list (smaller food budget, smaller favor budget, and hell, you can't stand your co-workers so why invite them!).

One of my very favorite ways to trim the budget is to think smaller when it comes to the food. No, no. I'm not talking about those silly wee bits that they serve at those awful fancy schmancy French foodie places – I'm talking real food but smaller portions.

Generally, a sit-down dinner at a wedding consists of a salad course, an entree course, and dessert. Taking care of dessert is easy – wedding cake…boom! You're done. As for entree, this is really not the place to skimp on portions – you don't have to go overboard. just provide a decent serving.

The real place to save is the salad!

Salads can easily be served on small plates (even small than the standard salad plate) and still look filling. It's all about the careful arrangement of the "weeds" (as my dad calls anything other than iceberg lettuce). For example, I created three different salad arrangements (all using the same basic tableware foundation). All three used the same exact ingredients (will follow at the end of the post):


That is a basic dinner plate from Ikea and this 6″ appetizer plate (I got mine for $1.25 at a Crate and Barrel Outlet but here's a similiar one) from Crate and Barrel.


This one uses a cute trifle bowl (also from the Crate and Barrel Outlet at $2.50 a piece). Here's a similiar dish (a dessert dish) from Crate and Barrel.


The last is by far my favorite – because it's the cheapest! It's just an old jelly jar without a lid.

Salad Ingredient List:

– Spring Mix Lettuce = $.35/a handful
– Raspberries = $.20/for three
– Pear = $.21/a slice
– Parmesan Cheese = $.18/for two small shavings
– Smoked Cheddar Cheese = $.10/for a single slice
– Honey = $.01/a drizzle

**Grand Total: $1.05/a salad**