Simply Cute: Guest Welcome Baskets

One of the greatest way to add a little something special to your wedding is to greet your out-of-town guests with welcome baskets. Whether at the airport, in a hospitality suite, or in each hotel rooms – a welcome basket is a nice way to say "Hey, thanks for joining us!". However cute welcome baskets are, you need to realize that they are just an added expense…so if the budget is already stretched thin, nix these.

But! If you can find room for a few more bucks, a welcome basket is awesome and can be done well for very little money. The easiest way? Pick a theme.


A breakfast theme is really cute and a nice way to leave a little something the morning after your guests arrive (or even the morning after the wedding!). Keep costs down by keeping it simple. There's no need for a million bits and pieces – just a few well chosen items can go a long way to making your guests feel welcome!


To create this one your own:

– (2) Inexpensive Mugs. I got mine for $.50 a piece at Big Lots but here's a really cute red glass mug from Ikea for $1.49 each.

– (2) Water Bottles. Remember, some people prefer water to coffee in the morning! Buy the cheapest, most generic water bottles at your local grocery store. Then create some simple labels (mine read: "Thank You for Joining Us!") in Photoshop and applied them with double-sided tape. Don't have Photoshop? Use Word…it can do it just as easily.

– (2) Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins. So, so simple to bake and the ingredients are probably in your kitchen already! This recipe is tasty and only takes 35-45 minutes tops (24 muffins at a time). Slip 2 muffins in a cellophane bag and staple shut (with a gift tag made in Photoshop or Word).

– (1) Jar of Cocoa. Just another fun beverage option for your guests! I dumped a bunch of generic brand cocoa into a clean jelly jar and affixed one of these labels (use Photoshop to remove the "Happy Holidays" part or just recreate on your own) using double-sided tape.


And instead of a bag, I opted to use a cute bag that I made out of some leftover fabric scraps and old pillowcases. Alter the size as needed and use up those old shirts and quilt scraps! The best part is that your guests can use the bag as a sightseeing tote on their trips around town.