Sugar Cookie Favors

Food is always a great idea for a wedding favor. People love food. And I think that sugar cookies are great idea for a sweet, simple, personalized, and inexpensive wedding favor.

Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

The benefits of sugar cookie favors are many:

1. The cookies can be prepared weeks before, cut out, and frozen until its time to frost them.
2. Sugar cookies are made from only a few (inexpensive!) ingredients.
3. Cookies can be frosted and packaged the day before and still taste yummy.
4. Cookies are easily personalized via shape and frosting.
5. The process of creating the favors can be broken up over several days and portions can be delegated to different people.

The most difficult part of creating sugar cookies to use them as favors is doing the frosting – but here's a few tips to help that part go smoother:

Frosting Sugar Cookies: Part 1
Frosting Sugar Cookies: Part 2