Tabletops: Chic Black and White Style

Listen. Some things are just classically cool. Like bold black and white patterns, bright pops of a single color, and a simple hodge-podge of china. Like this most excellent tabletop from Mer Mag:

Photo Courtesy of: Mer Mag

Very modern but with a decidely French flair. I like this for its boldness but, at the same time, for its minimalism. Like it? Wanna recreate it at your reception? Here's some inexpensive options that I have found for you:


*1. White dinner plates from Ikea. *2. Yellow salad plates from Crate and Barrel. *3. Tea pot from Macy's. *4. Coffee spoons from Ikea. *5. Pink floral tea cups and saucers from Macy's. *6. Alice in Wonderland tea cups and saucers from Target. *7. Limoges tea cups and saucers from Eric Daley 2's. *8. Yellow urn from Amazon. *9. Black and white striped fabric as a tablecloth from Ikea.