Tabletops: Chic Kids Table

This week, I am concentrating on the kids. I know that a lot of couples choose not to include the little ones (for various reasons) on the big day – but I am not a member of that club. I love little kids and think that their cheerful attitudes and utter joy really add so much to the Big Day. Plus, I am am so not into perfection and love little fingers in cake and small bodies rockin' the dance floor. Do you feel the same (not a biggie of you don't, it is all a matter of personal taste and feelings)?

When I was little, one of the best parts of an celebration was having a kid's table (once I became a teenager it wasn't as much fun though…) because I got to be away from my parents and hang with my buds. If you are interesting in hosting a children's table at your wedding, consider the following:

1. Keep the kid's table entertaining. It is not a miniature version of the grown-ups table but a place for children to hang out and have a good time. So bring on the crayons and the modeling clay!

2. Even though the kid's table isn't a "little grown-ups" table – feel free to make it coordinate with the adults tables. Use similar colors and floral arrangements but in smaller doses and washable fabrics.

3. Keep the table's proportions aligned with it's occupants. Small people need a shorter table and smaller chairs. If it is tough for them to get in and out of the chairs or the table top is too far for them to reach – they will not stay there. And that completely defeats the purpose of the kiddie table.

4. It's okay to hire someone to "babysit" the kid's table but DO NOT assign a person the job as a wedding duty. It's tacky and disrespectful – let your guests be guests and not indentured servants. Pay a teenaged cousin or local kid to dress nicely and supervise discretely.

Now, on to the fun stuff! Here's a cute tabletop that I found over at Sweet Paul that is perfect-o for a kid's table at a fall season wedding:

Photo Courtesy of: Sweet Paul

Now, here's my more inexpensive version:


*1. Kraft paper from Office Max. *2. Red table from Ikea. *3. White chair from Ikea. *4. Small pot from Ikea. *5. Large pot from Ikea. *6. Drinking glasses from Ikea. *7. Shipping tags from Office Max. *8. Sharpie marker from Office Max. *9. Crayons from Oriental Trading Company. *10. Faux Pears from See Fred.