Tabletops: Fun Farmhouse Style

So, yesterday I showed you an example of a really chic farmhouse style tabletop for your reception. And today? A fun, vintage inspired farmhouse tabletop. This one is courtesy of Project Wedding and is a bit more colorful but no the less, very tasteful.

Photo Courtesy of: Project Wedding

What I like best about this table setting is the simplicity of it. Just a tablecloth, basic dinnerware/flatware, shipping tags as placecards, and pretty little pots of flowers. A perfect look for a lovely fall wedding. Want to recreate this on your own? I have come up with a list of inexpensive options for you:


*1. Red gingham fabric for the tablecloth from JoAnn's Fabrics. *2. Shipping tags as placecards from Office Max. *3. Dye for the shipping tags from RIT Dye. *4. Metal pots from Ikea. *5. Flatware from Ikea. *6. Placemats from Ikea. *7. White dinner plates from Ikea. *8. Drinking glasses from Ikea. *11. Red string for attaching tags to flatware from DMC.