Tabletops: Sunny Yellow Style

Personally, I don't like the color yellow (this dates back to a horribly girly yellow bedroom makeover that my mother forced upon me) but yellow is definately a color that is tailor made for a fall wedding. Like with this gorgeous yellow tabletop from Photobucket'>Once Wed:

Photo Courtesy of: Once Wed

Sunny and yellow and lots of character. Wanna recreate this on your won? I've tracked down some inexpensive options for you:


*1. Yellow fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics. *2. Flatware from Ikea. *3. Dinner plates from Ikea. *4. Orange fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics. *5. Wineglasses from Ikea. *6. Dishtowels as napkins from Ikea. *7. Votive holders from Ikea. *8. White pedestal urns from Crabville in Autumn.