The Joint Nursery Design For Our Toddler Girl and Baby Boy

Whee! It's that time. That time when I finally, FINALLY get to design and decorate an actual nursery for my babies.

The Joint Nursery Design For Our Toddler Girl and Baby Boy

Remember how awful the room we were going to use as a nursery for Melanie was so I only got to dream about decorating it? Well, a billion years later and it's still pretty sucky but at least it has hardwood floors and isn't being used as storage.

We have to wait a few months to put up the drywall and finishes (the room's layout is being slightly altered by the new addition so it's pointless to do any of that right now) but, in the meantime, I can still do a lot of decorating in there

I'm going to work with the room's paneling which was painted white before I moved in and will need to keep the current full sized bed in there until after my mom leaves (she'll be here a few weeks when the baby's born).

But, I'm going right ahead and sharing the joint nursery design for our toddler girl and baby boy anyway!

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The Basics:

This is a long, narrow room with no closet (at the moment). Right now, we have a cool mid-century modern dresser  to make up for the lack of closet and it will also double as a changing table.

As I mentioned, there's a full-sized bed in there right now (a 100+ year old iron bed that was a gift from a family friend). Eventually, that bed will be relocated to a third bedroom that's being planned for the addition but right now, it stays put.

We're getting this trundle day bed for Melanie and will reuse her old crib for the baby (after he's done co-sleeping with us). I also have a cool old wooden rocker and this mini table set that Melanie plays at to incorporate into the room.

Currently, the room also has 2 windows and we have these panel curtains (along with some white ones that act as black-outs) from Ikea up in there.

The Plan:

The idea behind this joint nursery design is to incorporate pieces and colors that are a little boy and a little girl but look great together.

I'm also hoping to slowly fill the room with bits and pieces that can eventually be used in separate Big Kid rooms (which will happen in a few years).

I found a lot of inspiration in the new pillowfort line at Target – in fact, the entire color scheme is being inspired by this pillow sham for Melanie's bed!

These sheets have already been purchased and are ready to go on Melanie's new trundle bed along with this hot pink comforter that she picked out herself. We'll be picking up these adorable throw pillows at some point (the bear one is TO DIE FOR).

We definitely need some storage/bookshelves in the room and I really like these wooden ones. They'll allow me to keep books and toys on the bottom and store special books and nicer items on the high shelves (at least until he starts climbing).

I'm thinking about adding each kid's first initial done up in old metal sign letters above each of their beds. I like the idea of having this pouf near the rocking chair, either for me to rest my feet on or for Melanie to hang out and read books if I need to rock her brother.

I'm hoping to cover a whole wall in art, too, but that will have to wait until after the room has drywall.

For the baby, I picked up this crib sheet from the Oh Joy! line and it matches the room's color scheme beautifully.

For safety reasons, I don't use a bumper, pillows, or blankets in this bed (I'll add this pillow and his special baby quilt that I'm making him after he learns to roll over on his own).

I'm also going to put this small accent table with drawers either between the beds or next to the rocking chair (in person, the teal color is AMAZING) and use it to store the spare bed/crib sheets.

I'll put this bulldog lamp on top of it and add this cute linen-like lampshade. I'm hoping to add these little deer bookends, too (and some BabyLit books, of course!).

I'll also dress up the changing table with this changing pad cover and a woven tray to hold diapering essentials.

Loved a more themed look for your kids? Check out this ADORABLE Toy Story themed nursery from This Fairy Tale Life.

Any products or design touches you think would look great in this joint nursery?

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