The Registry Handbook: Kitchen Basics

Registering for wedding gifts – it's supposed to be fun but usually ends up being overwhelming. Mostly because everyone keeps telling you that you HAVE to register for this or you HAVE to register for that. Ignore them. These days you can register for your honeymoon or even register for the kitchen sink. But what if you actually DO want to register for stuff – just not AS MUCH stuff as everyone's telling you to?

The Registry Handbook to the rescue!

This new series will be helping you build your registry piece by piece but with a practical bend. This is the registry round up for you non-cookers, non-entertainers, and non-fancy-ass-anythingers. This are the basics you'll need to get you into your new married life in a sensible fashion. We're talking the bare-bones basics and looking more into investing in good (not great) quality than in hoarding. Check it out:

*1. Baking Spatula. *2. Wooden Spoon. *3. Wooden Turner (Spatula). *4. Slotted Spoon. *5. Grater. *6.Cutting Board. *7. Cookie Sheets. *8. Mixing Bowls. *9. Tongs. *10. Pots and Pans. *11. Knives. *12.Measuring Sets.

The focus of this kitchen registry is to get you what you need to do a little cooking, a little baking, and a little prepping. Nothing more. Nothing less. When registering, try to focus on picking out quality items in the middle price range. Anything less will not last or be crappy and frustrate you and anything more is a bit much if you don't cook or bake much. Stick with simple colors and materials (wood and stainless are great and long-lasting). Everything on this downloadable (click the image for the PDF!) handbook page is perfect for your starter kitchen and ready to 3-hole punch and insert in your wedding binder/planner.

Tulle Nation, how many of you agree with this bare-bones basic kicthen registry? Did any of you register for kitchen stuff you've never used? Or maybe you registered for stuff that didn't hold up? Tell us about it!