Tiny Tips: The First Dance

This week I'll be bringing you a bunch of "Tiny Tips". Just little tricks and suggestions to help your wedding run a little smoother.


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The first dance. Super romantic, right? Swaying in each other's arms. Gazing deeply into the eyes of your one and only. Tripping over the bride's ten foot train…uh – hopefully not that one.

Today's bridal couple really love being in the limelight and, thanks to shows like "Dancing with the Stars", many are deciding to turn their first dance into showstopping dance number. And, if that's your thing, good on ya. Go for it. Other couples might balk at this and prefer to simply enjoy each other and the music. Anyway you decide to go – practice, practice, practice! I have seen many a beautiful moment go wrong because the newly wed couple did not anticipate a hoop skirt or dress shoes.

Which brings me to today's Tiny Tip: Practice your first dance to your chosen song in your wedding outfits (or reasonable substitutes, i.e.: old fluffy prom dress, suit, sky high stilettos). You need to know what you're dealing with.