Tips and Advice for Delegating Your Wedding’s DIY Projects

The DIY wedding is a popular opinion for couples on a budget. After all, the concept that it's cheaper to source materials yourself and do the labor often does save you money. But, as a DIY bride myself, I can tell you that all those little projects can end up being overwhelming and time consuming. So you may need to consider delegating some of the projects to family or friends. But how? Here's some tips and advice for delegating your wedding's DIY projects from a few great wedding bloggers and my own experience.

Tips and Advice for Delegating Your Wedding's DIY Projects
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Lower Your Expectations

This is key. Once you give a project to someone else to complete, you CANNOT be rude and critical of how the finished project turns out. They donated their time. If you wanted a professional job then you should have hired a pro. Free labor equals being happy with a done project and not perfection.

Delegate Appropriately

Not everyone is great at DIY so you'll need to be selective about who does what project. This doesn't mean that you think someone will screw something up. It just means that certain people have certain skill sets that would make X project more fun/easier for them to do. It's about making the DIY project as easy as possible for the person dontaing their time.

Be Respectful

"Be respectful of your friends' time! It may seem like a great way to have extra hands pitching in on your DIY projects, but big or intricate projects can be a lot to ask of wedding party members or relatives. Make sure to give them plenty of time prior to the wedding so they can work crafting into their schedule and include very clear instructions and all of the materials." – Ariana of Hey Wedding Lady

"Yes! Be respectful of your crafty friends time! It's best to actually plan 'craft nights' where everyone can eat dinner, drink and help – the more hands the better! Oh, and only delegate to those that you really trust." – Jenn of Something Turquoise

Be Organized But Not A Control Freak

"Communication is so critical! Make sure you provide every detail, including photographs. Also, if you are going to delegate a DIY, I personally think it needs to be a detail that you can give guidance on but not have to micromanage. I don't think it is fair to your friends or family to have that kind of pressure." – Jenn of Woodlands Bride

Plan and Communicate Clear Deadlines

This is important because only you are completely aware of how much there is to do for your wedding and what needs to be done and when. Other people don't know that you need the scraps from the garland project to decorate the invites that need to be in the mail by next Tuesday. You must be aware of this timeline and plan appropriately. 

Be Open To Suggestions

Just because you want something done a spefici way doesn't mean that it's the best way. Be open to other people's input and ideas on how best to complete a DIY. It's okay to picky about the design of the end project but be flexible about the getting it done details.

Be Ready For UFOs

A UFO in the quilting world refers to Unfinished Objects – projects that were never started or completed. And you'll probably get a few of these if you're delegating. Stuff happens. Be prepared to complete the projects that others can't. Plan your timeline accordingly and smile, smile, SMILE.

Are any of you delegating a DIY project for your wedding?

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