Top Ten Wedding Jobs for Kids

I had a buttload of kids in my wedding… and before the wedding. And they were SO eager and happy to help with everything. This was great because I definitely needed all the help I could get! The most interesting thing that I discovered during my venture into child labor was that kids are up for helping with almost anything but you need to tailor your expectations to meet their abilities.

Ring Bearer Holding Wedding Program

Here are my Top Ten Wedding Jobs for Kids:

  1. Greeter/Usher
  2. Oversee Food and Beverages for the Wedding Party before Ceremony
  3. Hand out Programs before Ceremony
  4. Hand out Water Bottles before Ceremony
  5. Hand Out Tissue Packets before Ceremony
  6. Oversee Gift Table before Ceremony and during Reception
  7. Oversee Guest Book at Reception
  8. Hand out Confetti/Recessional Items before Ceremony
  9. Help set out Favors for Reception
  10. Hang on to the Bride’s Bouquet during Photography Sessions

How about it, Tulle Nation? Are any of your having special jobs for the young ones in your wedding party? Would you add (or omit) anything from my list? Tell me about it!