Transportation: Wedding Transport Comparison Worksheet

On your wedding day, there will be a million things for you and yours to be thinking about. From your hair to the vows to keeping drunken Uncle Bob away from the iPod, there will always be something. But one thing that you can take care of prior to W-Day is who’s getting from here to there and how they’ll be doing it.

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There’s a lot of range out there when it comes to wedding transportation – basically, anyone with a vehicle can claim to cater to weddings. Therefore, it’s really, really important to go into the search for your wedding’s transportation with a clear idea of what kind of transportation you’ll be needing (all day or just a few hours/the couple or the whole wedding party/stripper pole or no stripper pole) and what type of vehicle you desire (limo/town car/convertible/horse-drawn carriage).

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There are several ways to find a great vendor for your wedding transportation: search for them at wedding fairs/expos, seek out vendors at local car shows, visit various vehicle rental companies in your area, Google “local specialty vehicle rental”, and ask for recommendations. Next, narrow your selection down to your top 3-5 vendors. Then, schedule your (free – it should ALWAYS be free) interview/consultation. These consultations usually involve looking at the vendors vehicle options and chatting about package deals or specials.

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However, at your interview you will need to do more than just check out the shiny cars (or pet the pretty horses). You’re going to need to ask a few questions to help you compare that particular vendor against other options at a later time. Below is a download of a good list of questions to ask each vendor – print it out as needed and take with you to your appointments!

Download Kiss_My_Tulle_Transportation_Comparison_Worksheet

Alright, Tulle Nation let’s hear it! What do you think is important to ask your potential wedding transportation vendor? Got any tips on how to find the perfect mode of transportation? Share your thoughts in the comments.