Tulle Nation! I’m Tackling your Questions

I realized really late last night that I had nothing specific to blog about today. So, I looked through my old emails and asked Tulle Nation via Facebook and Twitter if they had any questions for me (wedding related, personal, dirty, random, whatevs). And here's what y'all wrote:

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How do we deal with family who want a lot of say in the wedding (including a large portion of the guest list) but are not helping pay. How do you reach a happy medium because you can only do what is in your budget BUT you don't want to start your marriage off fighting with family?

We paid for our own wedding but, luckily, had very little problems with family trying to tell us what to do. In your case, you have several options (P.S. To be real, no matter what you do – SOMEONE is going to end up pissy. You just need to accept that and move on… families = bitches.).

  1. Whenever someone makes a suggestion tell them, "I know that's so important to you so would you like to be in charge of paying for it?" If they say no, then smile and say you guess it's not going to happen then.
  2. When someone tries to add to the guest list tell them, "Our venue has a strict fire code and that many people will put us over it." That's a real thing so you're not lying.
  3. Give them the shower and the rehearsal dinner to plan (and pay for). Lots of times with weddings, people just want to be in charge of SOMETHING. Punt those off on them (ONLY if they will pay for it) and move on.
  4. Just use the same line that I did – "We can't afford that. I know! Bummer.". And move on to something else. I noticed that if I just kept telling people (until you are ready to scream) "We can't afford that." and then changed the subject then eventually, people stopped bothering us.
  5. You and your partner need to have a united front. You are becoming your own new little family and need to start acting like it. Talk about the issues each family member is bringing and then decide on a singular response to it. If the two of you keep repeating the same lines – then each side of the family won't be able to blame the other.

What's The Boy's real name?

Anastasia Beaverhausen.

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Is it okay to get drunk at your own wedding? I have been experiencing this lately!

Full disclosure: I was raised Mormon and never got into the habit of drinking. I just don't drink. At all. So I may be biased on this one but I'm gonna say a BIG, FAT NO.

  1. It's tacky.
  2. It's rude to your guests (who have given up their free time and paid good money to come and see you).
  3. And it's just not a smart business choice. Think about it, you're wasted and the hours you've paid for your venue are quickly coming to a close. If you're sober, you are able to calculate whether or not it is worth it to pay the extra to ALL the vendors and the venue to keep the party going. If you're drunk, you are only going to be able to OMGFUN!!!PARTAAAAYWOOT!!!MONKEYBALLS!YAY!! <—Be sober. Have a few drinks but keep things under control, y'all.
  4. Two words. Wedding Night. If you're a girl – you want to be doing it with the right man (and in the right hole iffyaknowwhatImean). If you're a dude – you just want to be able to do it. Period.

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How did you make those cool tables from wooden pallets for your wedding?

It was actually pretty simple once we thought it out. 4 pallets, a saw, and a drill = KILLER wooden tables! Tutorial coming to a blog near you soon…

What steps did you take to attract more readers to your blog and what worked for you in becoming so successful?

Ah! So sweet! I'm really not a very big blog though. This really is a labor of love but I have learned bunches along the way. I'm also planning to focus more on building my blog in the next few months so here's what I've learned:

  1. First and foremost, you need to have good and consistant content. Create a blog posts schedule (I blog daily Monday through Friday 52 weeks a year) and STICK with it. It's a bummer to become a fan of a blog and then have them fall off the face of the earth after a few months. Also, try to keep your content theme specific. For example, I showcase budget weddings, affordable ideas, alternative wedding moments/traditions, and achievable wedding projects. That's pretty specific but still allows me LOTS of room to work with.
  2. Find your niche. My niche in the wedding blog world is a small one but it's mine and I love it. If your goal is 40,000 visitors a day then your niche will need to be larger than mine is. If you're happy with a smaller group then you have more room to find your people.
  3. Success isn't only about daily blog traffic. This was pointed out to me recently by several TWIPS members and it bears repeating. ALL your blog activity needs to be considered as traffic – so guest posts, social media, pinning, videos, etc? ALL count. For example, I don't have huge daily visitor numbers but I do have really good followings on social media. Which count in the eyes of fellow bloggers and advertisers.
  4. SEO is big. I've always done a bit of basic SEO for the blog but lately, Marie of Code it Pretty has been working with me to really improve the SEO of my entire site. She's blowing my mind with all the missed opportunities and killer information.
  5. Don't be afraid to help out others. I get asked for blogging advice a lot and I'm always happy to help however I can (in the beginning, I got very sweet and supportive advice from Sherry of Young House Love and Grace of Design*Sponge so I'm all over paying it forward). I do LOTS of guest posts for my fellow TWIPS (which is double awesome since it increases my backlinks and thus, my SEO). I chat with loads of people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I'm also a rabid pinner on Pinterest + I love to leave comments and engage people in discussions about their pins. All of this helps foster a feeling of community within Tulle Nation and that helps my blog grow.

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So what was your final wedding budget?

I don't have a final, FINAL tally yet but I'm comfortable telling y'all that it was definately within our $5,000 budget. Holla!

How to deal with the family after deciding on a elopement?

These days, couples are playing pretty fast and loose with the term "elopement" so I have a few thoughts.

  1. Have you told them yet? If not, and you think they'll be disappointed because they didn't get to see you get married, then tell them the night before and invite them to the venue. Then they have time to dress up and get to see you get married. Loads of people are "eloping" like this to take the pressure off everyone involved.
  2. Already told them what you're planning? Are they upset because they wanted an excuse for a big family get-together or because they don't think it's a "real" wedding? Find out the cause for their feelings so you can work together with your partner to smooth things over. Remember, sometimes it's just because when people hear the word "elopement" they think "we're running off to do this because we hate you.". Help them understand that's not why.
  3. Already did it and now you have to tell them? Take them to lunch. Bring photos. And promise grandkids… eventually ūüėČ
  4. No matter what, if a gift is offered – smile and accept it graciously. It truly is an expression of love and caring so think of that as the gift (and not the crappy clown vase that was given).

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I gave you a wedding gift and never got a thank you note!

I know, I know. I totally suck. We didn't get our wedding photos until a few weeks ago. I designed the thank you card last week and put in my order. They are being printed as we speak and should be here by the end of the month. I'll send them out ASAP… PROMISE!

I heard something about a giveaway?

Yep! I do them pretty regularly on the blog and have got one going right now. Just enter to win 40 chocolate squares individually wrapped in cellophane and each customized with a picture! Easy peasy!

So, Tulle Nation! I hope that answers a few of your questions. If you have more (or want more details from the answers I gave you) then fire away in the comments!