Videography: Aysu and Adam’s Gorgeous Jewish Wedding Video

I am so excited to share today's post with you because it's our first ever wedding video! Shot and edited by Mint Cinematography, the wedding of Aysu and Adam was a joyous and gorgeous New York City affair with amazing food, 200 guests, and many traditional Jewish wedding rituals. From Mint Cinematography:

"Aysu is studying to get her PHD at Yale in the Psychology department and Adam is a lawyer in Manhattan. This is their "how we met story":

An icy January rain fell on New Haven, Connecticut. Aysu was nvited to a party at the home of a fellow graduate student, Venkat, but she had to stay in the lab that night and read articles. Later in the evening
however, Aysu's laptop began to lose power–and she had left her adaptor with her friend. "I am at Venkat's party," her friend said, "you can meet me here and get the adaptor." "Fine, I'll go," said Aysu, and she reluctantly left her studies to make a brief and auspicious appearance at Venkat's apartment.

Meanwhile, Adam, too, had received an invitation to the party. Venkat was not only a Ph.D. in the making, but also Adam's former college roommate. Adam had three (yes, three) lasagnas in the oven and didn't want to leave them unsupervised for too long. But he thought he should at least say hi. He bicycled over to Venkat's to put in a brief appearance. 

Luckily, all the stars in the universe aligned that night and Adam and Aysu were at the party for the same fifteen minutes. When Adam entered the apartment, Aysu's eyes sparkled. She put down her chin and smiled at him. Adam, drawn near by her inviting smile, said "hi," and added "you are dressed like a scientist." And that's how they met.

The wedding was a blended Turkish/Jewish wedding. During the ceremony there were at least 5 speeches given by friends and family. They were married under a chuppah and during the reception they performed traditional Jewish and Turkish dances. Dancing was a huge part of the reception, and they played everything from these traditional songs to Michael Jackson to The Beatles."

Aysu & Adam's Wedding Trailer from Mint Cinematography on Vimeo

So, which do you love more? Aysu and Adam's "how we met" story or their gorgeous wedding video?

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