Wedding Attire: Make Sure Your Bra Fits

Listen, I don't care how lovely your wedding gown is… if your boobs are a-sagging then your dress will look trashy.


Image Courtesy of: The Lingerie Post

Here's some general tips to ensure a correct fit for your wedding day (hell, your everyday!) lingerie:

  1. The number part of a bra size refers to its band size (or chest size) and the letter part is the cup size. For example, if you are a 36C, then 36 is your band size (the part that goes around your back) and C is your cup size (the part that covers your breast).
  2. Get over your bashfulness and have someone else measure you (a salesperson or a friend – it does not matter) because you will always get a more accurate measurement that way. Here's step-by-step instructions on how to measure properly.
  3. If embarrassed to be measured in just a bra then wear a thin camisole or tank top. This will prevent you from stripping down to your bra but still maintain an accurate measurement.
  4. Large-busted (or those with breasts that have become one with gravity) should pull their bra straps up when being measured. This will result in a more accurate band measurement. Conversely, smaller-breasted ladies should refrain from wearing a padded (or stuffed) bra to a fitting. Remember, you're looking for the most accurate measurement – you can always add padding to your newly (and correctly) fitted bra.  
  5. Always, always try on different styles (and even sizes) of bras. Not every fitting will be completely accurate but it will give you a good place to start. Plus, mass-produced bras can fluctuate in sizing so try on different ones until you find the one that shapes and fits your breasts best. 
  6. A bra that fits correctly WILL NOT BE UNCOMFORTABLE! If your bra does not feel right - adjust the straps, try a different cup or band size, or try on a different style until your find the one that fits.

Your foundation garments should be just as important to you as your wedding gown because they will ultimately determine just how good that dress looks. Always wear your selected undergarments to your fittings – you want to ensure that these items will work with your attire.