Wedding Attire: The Bride

In continuing with this month's GREEN theme, I will devote this week to incorporating green into your wedding party attire. First up! Le Bride.

Here are three options for the bride. All including the color green and all for under $150.00:

Option #1 (Total cost of outfit – $143.42):

Old Navy Cut-Out Strapless Dresses in White – $34.50:
031008 a

Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

This dress would be perfect for the more retro or informal style bride. Simple and clean-lined, this dress would look great on a petite or slim (i.e. boy-ish) figured bride.

SomethingBold French Russian Netting Birdcage Cage Veil in White – $35.95:
031008 i
Photo Courtesy of: Something Bold

Very retro, baby! This veil would be a great option for you "unveil-like" brides.

KitMit Reversible Headband in Teal, Pink, and Gold – $7.00:
031008 c
Photo Courtesy of: KitMit

After the ceremony, ditch the veil for this cute wide headband! It has a nice retro vibe to it that doesn't scream "costume". It is also reversible so it can be used again after your wedding…on the honeymoon, perhaps?

Old Navy Wooden-Handle Canvas Clutch in Floral Green – $19.50:
031008 d
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

In keeping with the retro-chic vibe, I have selected this cool clutch bag. The bright fun pattern makes this bag cute and theinformal versatility make it practical. Pull off the fancy jewelry, slip on some flip-flopsand sunglasses, and you'll be ready for your honeymoon!

Payless American Eagle Holbrook Espadrille in Green – $22.99:
031008 h
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Wedgy with a cute bow! These shows are bright and cheerful but easy to dance in and stylish.

Martha Stewart Crafts 3/16" Piped Nylon Ribbon in Cloud-Coffee Bean – $2.99:
031008 f
Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Crafts

This is an awesome deal. You get 5 yards of this gorgeous ribbon! Wrap it 'round and 'round your waist (to add a little color to your dress). Then use the leftovers to decorate your bouquet!

Target Merona Triple Strand Beaded Necklace in Silver/ Green – $12.99:

031008 g

Photo Courtesy of: Target

This resin faux-precious stone necklace pops against a strapless white dress.

Old Navy Faux-Pearl Stud Earrings – $7.50:

031008 j

Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

The old standby. When in doubt…go with faux-pearls.

Option #2 (Total cost of outfit -$137.93):

J Crew Goddess long dress in Ivory – $39.99:

031008 k

Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

This dress is so simple and gorgeous…really, it truly is a dress fit for a goddess! This dress is so lovely it should take center stage. **This dress is on sale at the J Crew site for $119.99 but I found over 10 auctions for it (also brand-new) at ebay for 39.99.**

Target Isaac Mizrahi Long Veil in Iggloo – $24.99:

031008 l

Photo Courtesy of: Target

Long and classic.

Payless Klarrisa Sandal in Silver – $19.99:

031008 m

Photo Courtesy of: Payless

This metallic heel is simple but not boring. The 3.5″ heel is dying to get out on the dancefloor!

Target Margaux Adjustable Tassel Necklace in Silvertone/Gray – $19.99:

031008 n

Photo Courtesy of: Target

Sexy. This necklace will highlight all the right (two) parts!

Target Merona Pearl and Clear Beaded Dangling Earrings – $7.99:

031008 o

Photo Courtesy of: Target

These pretty beaded earrings coordinate with the necklace but won't distract from your lovely face and/or updo.

J Crew Silk Sash Scarf in Olive Green – $7.99:

031008 q

Photo Courtesy of: ebay

Tie this silky scarf around your waist for a pretty pop of green!**I found this scarf on ebay but you could easily recreate the look of a pretty green sash by going to your local craft/fabric store and buying 2″-3″ wide double-sided, satin ribbon and cut it to your desired length.**

Target Merona Printed Clutch in Green – $16.99:

031008 p

Photo Courtesy of: Target

The subtle green pattern on this clutch will only enhance your green sash!

Option #3 (Total cost of outfit -$148.96): Rhinestone Pin Satin Halter Gown in Green – $79.99:

031008 r

Photo Courtesy of:

For the unconventional bride. Ditch the traditional white and shine in green! This satin halter gown is chic and tasteful (and would work especially beautifully on second-time-around or older brides). I'd skip a veil with this one.

Target Mossimo Helaine Jewel Satin Strap Heels in Black – $19.99:

031008 s

Photo Courtesy of: Target

Target Merona Silver Dangling Earrings and Pendant Necklace Set – $8.99:

031008 t

Photo Courtesy of: Target

J Crew Twinkle Clutch in Glitter Gold – $39.99:

031008 u

Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

Pricey but super cute!