Wedding Attire: The Flowergirl and Ring Bearer

Today it's all about the children. They are cute, they are unpredictable, and they are oft dresses as mini brides and grooms. I totally have issues with that:

1) THEY ARE NOT THE BRIDE AND GROOM! They are children! Let they dress like children.

2) Children play and scratch and generally do not understand the concept of wearing your clothes (and not just wearing any clothes so that you're not naked). So let them dress like children.

3) If a child is not comfortable in a dress – they will not pretend otherwise just to make you happy. If something itches…they will scratch it. If something is hanging in their face…they will remove it. If they just don't like the color…they will have a temper tantrum and refuse to wear it. Again, let them dress like children.

And the biggie:

4) Parents do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit that their child will outgrow in 2 months and/or never wear again.

The guidelines for selecting your outfits for the youngest members of your wedding party are simple. Keep it basic, keep it inexpensive, keep it comfortable, and keep it age appropriate.

Here are six wedding attire options (three for the girls and three for the boys) – all for under $50.00.

For the Boys:

Option #1 (Total cost of outfit – $44.47):

Target Boys' Cherokee Shirt and Tie Combo in Pistachio – $12.99:
031408 a
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Most boys do not want to wear a suit jacket (unless you're my little brother, Jay.) because they are uncomfortable. Dressing your ring bearer in a crisp, colored dress shirt and nice tie (sans jacket) will still look clean and formal enough for all but the fancy-schmanciest weddings.

Old Navy Plain-Front Super Khakis in Uniform Blue – $12.50:
031408 b
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

Simple khakis will let all the attention be on the stylish green dress shirt.

J Crew Cotton ragg socks in Green/Ivory – $3.99:
031408 d
Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

Cute green socks for cute boys!

Payless SmartFit Croco Dress Oxford in Black – $14.99:
031408 c
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

For the little man in every little boy – finish off the look with a cool mock-croc oxford shoe.

Option #2 (Total cost of outfit – $45.91):

Walmart George 4-Piece Vest and Tie Set in Black – $19.93:
031408 e
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

Cute and traditional. When it comes to compromising your style with your attendant's comfort…a vest is the way to go.

Me and Matilda Everyday Necktie in Seeds of Spring – $15.99:
031408 f
Photo Courtesy of: Me and Matilda

With all the money you'll save on the ring bearer's basic ensemble -you'll be able to splurge and get this awesome handmade green tie!

Payless SmartFit Dress Oxford in Black – $9.99:
031408 g
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Complete the look with traditional black oxfords.

Option #3 (Total cost of outfit – $43.99):

Kmart Route 66 Layered Stripe Woven Shirt in Herbal Garden – $14.99:
031408 h
Photo Courtesy of: Kmart

This layered look is great for a more casual wedding. It also adds a nice touch of your green color.

Old Navy Skull Graphic Military Cargos in Khaki – $14.50:
031408 i
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

The cut of these cargo pants is just clean enough to look nice at a wedding. And the suble skull graphic on the pocket is just cool.

Old Navy Laceless Low-Top Sneakers in Dark Chocolate – $14.50:
031408 j
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

Top off the casual look with easy to wear laceless sneakers in a dark brown (to hide any scuffs).

For the Girls:

Option #1 (Total cost of outfit – $42.28):

Old Navy Eyelet Tube Dress in Bright White – $24.50:
031408 k
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

When it comes to a wedding you really cannot go wrong with a simple white dress for the flowergirl. Sash in Abstract Green – $2.40:
031408 l
Photo Courtesy of:

Use this cool scarf as a sash to wrap around your flowergirl's waist (let the ends trail down the back of the dress). What a great pop of green!

J Crew Patent-leather headband in Green – $2.39:
031408 q
Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

How cool would does this look with the sash?

Payless SmartFit Patent Mary Jane in Black – $12.99:
031408 m
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Stick to simple patent leather dress shoes so as not to compete with the awesome sash.

Option #2 (Total cost of outfit – $34.98)**:

Target Perfectly Dressed Short-Sleeve Smocked Dress in Green – $24.99:
031408 o
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Such a simple and cute dress…oh, and it's green.

Payless SmartFit Party Mary Jane in White – $9.99:
031408 p
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Pair the dress with a traditional white Mary Jane shoe.

**Use the leftover money to crown your flowergirl's head with a wreath of white roses**

Option #3 (Total cost of outfit – $36.97):

Target Perfectly Dressed Tulle/Shantung Dress in White – $22.99:
031408 n
Photo Courtesy of: Target

This is the perfect dress for a more formal wedding. Simple, white, and comfy.

Payless SmartFit Brenna Sandal in Black – $12.99:
031408 r
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Pair the classic white dress with a classic black dress shoe. Add a little heel and your flowergirls will feel like princesses!

David's Bridal Flower Girl Sash with Bow in Clover – $.99:
031408 s
Photo Courtesy of: ebay

Finish the look with a classic sash and bow in green.