Wedding Attire: The Groom

Today's post is all about the groom. A current trend that I totally support is the choice of many couples to have the groom wear a really nice suit instead of a tuxedo. I totally agree with this choice for a number of reasons:

1) Every guy needs one good suit.

2) It used to be that the cost of a nice suit would run you the same as a down payment on a new home. But not anymore! Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Macy's are carrying lines of nicely cut but affordable suits.

3) A bride in a full tulle ballgown does not look mismatched next to a groom in really good-looking suit.

So today, I am showing you three options for the groom – all under $150.00.

Option #1 (Total cost of outfit -$148.38):

Walmart Worsted Wool Suit in Black – $99.88:
031108 c
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

You just can't go wrong with a simple black wool suit. Sexy.

Walmart George Stripe Premium Dress Shirt in White – $13.00:
031108 d
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

Again, you can't miss with a simple, crisp, white dress shirt.

Old Navy Patterned Silk Tie in Green/White Stripe – $16.50:
031108 a
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

This tie is a simple pop of color to tie into the theme color of a green wedding.

Old Navy Argyle Socks in Blue/Green – $8.00:
031108 b
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

Hee. Why have fun patterned socks? Why not?

Payless Rugged Outback Ackerman Steel Toe Boot – $11.00:
031108 e
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

Don't let the name scare you away from these shoes. They are simple and black, comfortable enough to wear all day, and can be used post-wedding as work shoes!

Option #2 (Total cost of outfit -$149.94):

Target Merona Suit in Gray Stripe – $84.98:
031108 f
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Don't let the light color fool you. My boyfriend owns this suit and it is gorgeous! It looks great on blonde guys who normally look too washed out in a black suit.

Target Merona Saturday Shirt in Green Grid – $19.99:
031108 g
Photo Courtesy of: Target

The subtle green color of the shirt coordinates beautifully with the gray of the suit and the grid pattern adds nice texture to the overall look.

Target Merona Center Stripe Necktie in Silver – $19.99:
031108 i
Photo Courtesy of: Target

The simple silver on gray striped pattern of this tie won't distract attention from the green shirt.

J Crew Argyle socks in Navy – $4.99:
031108 l
Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

Simple navy and green argyle dress sock.

Payless Caedmon Slip-On in Black – $19.99:
031108 h
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

A simple black lace-up shoe is all this outfit needs.

Option #3 (Total cost of outfit -$143.46):

Target Merona Herringbone Suit in Charcoal – $84.98:
031108 k
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Charcoal is a sexy and sophisticated variation on the traditional black suit.

Old Navy Banker-Stripe Shirt in Mt. Olive – $13.99:
031108 m
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

The simple green stripe in this classically styled dress shirt will really look nice against the color of the suit.

Old Navy Patterned Silk Tie in Uniform Green & Black – $16.50:
031108 n
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

The green and black in this tie will pick up on and accent the colors of the shirt and suit.

Old Navy Dress Sock in Black – $6.00:
031108 j
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

The black dress sock – classic and simple.

Payless Hunter's Bay Wesley Oxford in Black – $21.99:
031108 o
Photo Courtesy of: Payless

The classic black shiny shoe. Looks great.