Wedding Attire: The Groomsmen

Today's post brings you three options for your groomsmen – all under $100.00!

Option #1 (Total cost of outfit: $97.96):

Target Converse One Star Sport Coat in Sandstone – $39.99:
031308 a
Photo Courtesy of: Target

This blazer is the perfect focal piece for an informal wedding.

Old Navy Team-Style Pique Polo in New Lawn – $9.99:
031308 b
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

Layer this cool striped polo under the blazer for a nice pop of color.

Target Cherokee Ultimate Flat-Front Khaki Pants in Green – $19.99:
031308 c
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Don't be scared by the idea of green pants. These khakis are nice deep gray-green color which will look crisp and fresh against the tan of the blazer.

Old Navy Patterned Sock in Green – $8.00:
031308 d
Photo Courtesy of: Old Navy

Green skull socks? Awesome.

Target Men's Mossimo Jeremy Skateboarding-Style Shoes in Brown – $19.99:
031308 e
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Informal weddings allow your groomsmen to wear comfortable shoes. Have them sport matching, clean skate shoes for an upscale casual look.

Option #2 (Total cost of outfit: $100.95):

Target Merona Premium Wool Suit in Brown – $39.98:
031308 f
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Don't be worried about your groomsmen looking like the class nerd. A simply cut suit in brown looks chic and sexy.

J Crew Merino V-neck sweater in Heather Garland – $23.99:
031308 g
Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

Layer this V-neck under the suit for a sophisticated touch of color.

J Crew White-collar vintage oxford shirt in ticking stripe in Cool Dusk – $19.99:
031308 h
Photo Courtesy of: J Crew

Layer this under the sweater for a nice tailored look.

Target Men's Mossimo Supply Co. Graham Oxfords in Black – $16.99:
031308 i
Photo Courtesy of: Target

Stick to a simple shoe. This one is a work shoe that doubles as a dress shoe.

Option #3 (Total cost of outfit -$99.83):

Walmart George Wrinkle-Resistant Dress Pants in Black Pinstripe – $19.96:
031308 j
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

A black pinstripe suit for your groomsmen is no-fail choice.

Walmart George Pinstripe Suit Jacket in Black Pinstripe – $56.88:
031308 k
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

This classic suit jacket comes in a black pinstripe that perfectly matches the pants.

Walmart George Stripe Premium Dress Shirt in White – $13.00:
031308 l
Photo Courtesy of: Walmart

Pair your suit with a crisp, clean white dress shirt for a tailored look.

J Crew 100% Silk Neck Tie in Green/Pink/Blue – $9.99:
031308 m
Photo Courtesy of: ebay

ebay is the the place to find high-quality ties on the cheap. This one will give your groomsmen's outfit that much needed pop of color.