Wedding Candy: Carnival Fun

Okay y'all. I've got a little rant that I have to share with you. I HATE STYLIZED SHOOTS! You know what I'me talking about, shoots featuring impossible to replicate reception tablescapes glittering with sequins and individual ramekins of souffle, a perfectly disheveled couple with her veil whipping in the wind and wrapping around them, and model-esque guests sporting perfectly coordinating outfits.

Um, no thank you. HOW in the HELL is anyone supposed to use those shoots to help them plan their own wedding? Because most of us? Have teeny, tiny budgets and whipping wind makes our veil get stuck to our lip gloss and our friends are probably trying to figure out how to tastefully incorporate Doctor Who T-shirts into their wedding wardrobe. So, nope – I'm not a fan of staged and fake.

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But y'all. Minds are meant to be changed. Because when this easy-to-duplicate styled shoot (submitted via Two Bright Lights) landed in my inbox. I could not accept it fast enough! Photographer, Iliana Morton (along with event planner Eventity Inc, floral designer sweet pea flower company, invitation designer Nic.Roc. Designs, cake designer Hey there, Cupcake!, and equipment rentals from Raphael's Party Rentals) shot this totes do-able Carnival Fun-inspired reception at Old Poway Park.

It may be fall now, but that's no reason to toss aside bold, vibrant colors and make a fun statement! This "Carnival Fun" photoshoot showcases great colors, playful details, and a lot of fun!  Check it out, y'all:

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Images Courtesy of: {Photographer} Iliana Morton Photography, {Event Planner} Eventity Inc, {Floral Designer} sweet pea flower company, {Invitation Designer} Nic.Roc. Designs, {Cake Designer} Hey there, Cupcake!, {Equipment Rentals} Raphael's Party Rentals, {Other} Old Poway Park 

Here's how to recreate this colorful and fun reception on your own!

  • Use gingham! Cheap and available in a rainbow of colors gingham is an easy fabric to work with. Swathes of gingham fabric were used here to make tableclothes.
  • See those gumball "machines"? They're really spray painted candlestick holders topped by gumball-filled Mason jars. Brilliant!
  • The flower-filled centerpieces are simply an old tin can covered in ribbon! You could get the same look for less by using spray paint.
  • Possibly my favorite part of this entire shoot is the flower-filled Mason jar decorations. Used in the shoot as chair decor, these could easily double as aisle decor at the ceremony and then get moved to the reception and hung from chair backs (or trees).
  • And here's another wildly simple and inexpensive DIY (that looks way more fancy-schmancy than it actually is) – pinwheels and round fabric pinwheels. Follow the links and make a buttload – use them to decorate EVERYTHING (cakes, tables, corsages, etc).
So Tulle Nation, you like? I've already told you my favorite parts – what are yours? Did you see something that you're going to steal for your wedding day? How would you go about DIYing or sourcing the decor for this reception? Please chime in!
P.S. Are you a real bride or groom, a wedding vendor, or a photographer and want to submit your images for consideration? Sweet! Check out our submissions page for more information. We lurve real weddings and real couples.