Wedding Candy: From My Own Weddin’!

Struggling to figure out some kind of theme for your wedding (and NOT of the Shrek variety…)? Well, here's some good news – it's easy. Really, really, stunningly easy. Just pick a color that you like (i.e. coral), pick two colors that look good with that color (such as navy and blush), and then finish the theme off with two neutrals (like cream and grey). BOOM!!! Done. There's your wedding theme.

Still need a bit o' help? In the spirit of giving (YES! GIVING! I give. Sometimes…), here's a wedding mood board that use 5 colors from my veryownself's weddin':

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Aaand… I love me some ocean colors, right? How 'bout it brides and grooms, raise your hand if you're planning on incorporating any of these colors into your wedding day? Or did you already choose your theme and want to share it with the class? What was your inspiration? Do tell!