Wedding Candy: Orange Inspiration

So, when The Boy and I started planning our wedding, I knew right off that I wanted to use the color blue (find out why here). I toyed with doing peacock feather colors and then settled on a wider color combo. But you know what, y'all? What I really, really wanted was an orange wedding. Unfortunately, The Boy is not a fan of orange (or yellow or purple) and requested that we NOT have those colors in our wedding. Bummer.

But, good news for you! I can't seem to stop pinning orange wedding ideas. So, if you're considering an orange wedding – this is the post for you!

For your fun and fruity orange ceremony:

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Images Courtesy of: Sprout, The Dior, Flower Weds, The Knot, and Once Wed

And for your orange-y good reception:

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101111 c 
Images Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Weddings, The Dior, Martha Stewart Weddings, My Maui Wedding, Wedding Window, Amy Atlas, The Sweet Occasion, Oh How Posh, Mints Design, and The Sweet Occasion

So bright! So sunny! So happy! I love the color orange for a wedding and with this many options - how could you go wrong? How 'bout it brides and grooms? Are any of you using orange in your wedding? Why that color? How are you incorporating it? What was your inspiration? Do tell!