Wedding Candy: The Nantucket Bride

If you've been reading KMT for any amount of time then you know one thing – I love me some beach weddings. I think it's because I grew up in interior Alaska and the only beaches that I knew where the ones around Valdez (which were just coly, windy, and smelled like fish). So now, I am completely drawn to images and mood boards for gloriously sunny beach weddings.

Traditional beach weddings are great for a budget couple because they are pretty affordable. The clothes are more casual, use less expensive fabrics, and usually include fun colors. Below are some inexpensive options for a bride interested in wearing Nantucket-style wedding attire:

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*1. Light in the Box Strapless Chiffon Satin Wedding Dress With A Wrap. *2. Payless Yacht Bow Espadrille High Wedge. *3. Old Navy Multi-Chain Fashion Necklace in Gold 2. *4. Target Three Row Coill Bracelet in Gold. *5. Payless Naomi Gingham Wristlet in Navy. *6. Payless Spice Chandelier Earrings in Gold.

Are any of you hosting a Nantucket-style wedding? Would any brides wear this to their wedding? Grooms, what would you wear to compliment this outfit? Chime in!