Wedding Confidential: Wedding Gowns

Are there any super-secret tips or code words that a bride can use when looking for a wedding dress deal?

No. [At chain stores] a sale price is a sale price – there's really nothing else a consultant can do. If someone wants to save money they can get all their accessories at the same time. [Our store] offers 10% off accessories if they are purchased the same day as the gown.

What is your favorite type of bride?

I like brides who are excited and have an idea of what they want. I want them to voice their opinions (politely) and then I do my best to get what they ask for. It's nice when a bride is really excited about getting married and the whole process, it keeps [everything] upbeat and moving along.

What is your least favorite type of bride?

Sometimes brides come in the store already in a bad mood. They seem to come thinking that nothing will work for them and with that attitude, usually nothing will. I try to keep my brides happy and excited but sometimes they are so negative and frustrated I really think they just don't want to get married at all. It's supposed to be fun!!!

Can you tell us a funny or embarrassing story that has happened to you?

I have two good ones:

I had one larger, plus-size bride who was in the fitting room and asked for my help (this happens all the time – especially with hooking the bra) so I went in the fitting room. She was completely naked, no panties, no nothing. She was just standing there naked, dancing to the music we play in the store.

Why she called me in the room with her, I still can't say. I politely told her that we require our brides to wear panties and she said, “oh, I had a feeling” and then she pulled panties out of her purse!

She couldn't have put those on BEFORE I came in the fitting room?

The other one was a transsexual bride. He/she was very sweet but quite large and not exactly shaped like a woman, so the dresses weren't working so well. (S)he was also really shy because everyone was looking at her/him. I felt embarrassed for him/her but the whole situation was sort of funny. By the way, she/he was marrying an actual women – just in case you ever wondered about that.

And that wraps up this edition of Wedding Confidential. Were you surprised or excited about any of the information that you discovered? What's another topic that you'd like to see tackled by Wedding Confidential?