Wedding Gown: Advice for Plus-Sized Brides

So, you're getting married…and you're plus-sized and worried about how you'll look. Whoopdee friggin' do. I don't care what size you are – on your wedding day you WILL be beautiful. Because you know what? There is some powerful juju in being a bride – it makes you glow, it makes you laugh, it makes you smile. And there is nothing more beautiful than a woman glowing, laughing, and smiling.


Image Courtesy of: Kara Schultz

Still nervous about looking like the beautiful girl in a world of lipo'ed RoboBrides? I hear ya, girl. Here's a few great tips to help you select attire for you wedding day that will make you feel like the fierce goddess you are:

  • Avoid pure white. Most brides want white dresses. That's great! But don't get sucked into only looking at pure white dresses because this color is not universally flattering. The color white is a highlight hue (with no shadows); therefore, a dress of all stark white will highlight EVERYTHING. If you're cool with that – great, fire away girl. If you are not, then look for more figure-flattering shades of white like ivory, cream, or even ecru.
  • Buy good foundation pieces. I do not care what kind of a deal that you got on that incredible Vera Wang dress. If your boobies are hitting your chin and I can see your underwear – it's just not pretty. The good news? Consumer Reports recently did a testing of bras and underwear and found that the best bang for retaining bust is the Gilligan & O'Malley line from Target. They make a variety of styles, in a large assortment of sizes, and cover almost every skin tone.
  • Hoist up those skirts. Did you know that the plus-sized bride has one of her best features hidden down below? No, not THAT one. It's your calves. One of the major jobs of your calf muscles is to support your body's weight; thus, plus-sized brides are actually sportin' some poppin' musculature under there. So show off those babies with a shorter dress and some super high heels.
  • Showcase those boobies. Another fab feature of the plus-sized bride is some major boobage. So make those size 2's jealous and toss those babies out there! They're here, they're awesome, and your future spouse is gonna LOVE seeing them.
  • Understand your specific shape. Every bride wants to find a dress that is perfect for her figure because that dress will be the most flattering on her. If you are a curvy bride, look for an A-line dress because its shape conforms to your present curves. A busty gal should look for a gorge V-neckline which will help draw attention to her assets.
  • Get thee to a tailor. Every size can benefit from taking that dream dress to a tailor and having it altered to fit your every curve and asset. A small dart here and a princess seam there can completely change the way a dress flatters your figure.

Are you a plus-sized bride? How did you find your perfect dress? Are you still looking – what's holding you back? Let's start a conversation in the comments.