Wedding Hair: A Side Bun, Gorgeous Flowers, and a Huge Ass Veil

There’s just something about wedding hair isn’t there? Up, down, bun, side bangs, French braid, twist. And then there are the accessories: flowers, silk leaves, ribbon, rhinestones, beading – the list of possibilities is endless. And that’s just for the wedding party! If you’re the bride – you get to ROCK A VEIL! Holla! Short, long, lace, tulle, birdcage, attached to a tiara, or maybe even an old 45! The veil is an awesome little thing that most brides love and want on their wedding day (not one of those veil-lovin’ ladies. Meh. Have fabulous hair instead!) and Brennice Bowling was no different in her November 12, 2011 to Wayne Gist in Arrington, Tennessee. Girl wanted some GORGEOUS hair for herself and her entire wedding party AND SHE GOT IT! Check it out y’all:

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Images Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography

In the words of the immortal Joey… Whoa! I’m frickin’ dying over here! LOVE the side bun. LOVE the handmade flowers for the wedding party (even the sweet junior bridesmaid got one!). LOVE that mom got a flower pretty for her hair, too. And FLIPPING LOVE the long ass veil that Brennice paired with her fitted lace wedding gown. Dy-ing, y’all. Dying. What bits of hair pretty did you like best? Are you having fun planning your hair bits for your wedding? Share away!