Wedding Investment: General Items

Anyone who has read my past articles knows that I am a huge fan of "Wedding Investment" pieces. Basically, this is a process where you (the couple) purchase or register for items that you can use both in your wedding and, later, in your home. This process is great for many reasons.

First, it can really help out your budget. Think about it. You need to decorate your wedding and your first place at about the same time. So essentially, you'll be budgeting money for both your wedding and your home. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Buy a lighting fixture to grace your ceremony alter…and then hang it above your dining room table. See? More bang for your buck!

Second, I'm kinda sentimental (Shut up. I am.) and I love the idea of decorating the home with stuff from the wedding. Everytime, someone comes to your home and compliments that pretty vase – you can tell them that it was on the guest book table at your wedding. I love that.

And last, and this one is kinda rude…but true. If your family is helping pitch in with the wedding, they probably won't pitch in to furnish your first home (outside of a wedding gift). Think of investment pieces as, well, freebies. Items that your family probably wouldn't have purchased for your home but will for the wedding. It's like getting free stuff for your home.

Here are a few pieces that I think make great "Wedding Investments":

Drink Urns

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Wedding Day: an informal non-alcoholic bar
Post-Wedding: Drink service for every party at your home

Circular (or Square) Vases
Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Wedding Day: Store the bouquets pre-ceremony or house centerpieces and other floral decor
Post-Wedding: Flower arrangements, kitchen utensil storage, store collectiones, serve food

Curtain Hangers
Photo Courtesy of: Bride

Wedding Day: Inventive napkin rings and placecard holders
Post-Wedding: Hang your new curtains

Cutting Board
Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Wedding Day: Serving trays for the buffet table or for edible centerpieces
Post-Wedding: Use in the kitchen for choppin' stuff