Wedding Photography: Don’t Forget the Groom!

Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, Virginia proved to be the perfect backdrop for the 7-7-2007 wedding (one of THE most popular dates of that year) of Christen Orndorff and Josh Palmer. Photographed by the team at Ever After Visuals, this wedding was a beautiful example of WHY you should just let go and let your emotions show on your wedding day – ESPECIALLY the groom. Don't be ashamed if you cry. Don't be stifled if you laugh. YOU THE MAN! Do whatever you want… because that creates amazing memories (and better phootgraphy!).

But don't just listen to me, here's Ever After Visuals in their own words, "But the truth is the highlight of the day for us was watching Josh and Christen- it's clear that these two are very much in love. [We] love a groom that shows how he REALLY feels- and watching the love and emotion on Josh's face as Christen walked down the aisle, well, it always makes [us] get a lump in [our] throats- every time. And kudos to Brett, the BEST best man for having a handkerchief available."

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Image Courtesy of: Ever After Visuals

Say it with  me , y'all – AWWWWW! How much do you love the groom? Josh Palmer – YOU THE MAN! So where do y'all stand on the whole groom showing his emotions thing? Do you think it's sweet and lovely or awkward and unmanly? What emotions (if any) are you hoping for on your wedding day? Chime in!