Wedding Wednesday: I Need Help! Wedding Attire for a Cowboy-Themed Wedding

Got a little something different for y’all this Wedding Wednesday. The Boy and I have been invited to attend the wedding of one of The Boy’s old friends (The Boy is in the wedding) and I needs me some wedding guest outfit help. Because I have NEVER been to wedding quite like this – it’s a full-on cowboy wedding. No, not cowboy chic. COWBOY. As in, they’re having a chuck wagon catering the reception and riding horses down the aisle at the ceremony.

And, um, this has put me a little out of my element fashion-wise. See, I’m actually pretty good at clothing myself for weddings and the like. Garden bridal shower? Done. Conservative church ceremony? Arms and boobs covered. Cowboy/chuck wagon wedding? Ummmm… not so much.

Here’s the lowdown. This is an outdoor wedding in a very small and rural Texas town. The bride and groom love horses (hence the saddle bound vows) and straight-up western wear. In fact, their wedding invitation demanded that everyone wear cowboy clothes. Seriously, at the bottom it stated, “Cowboy Attire Required.” Now, I could go off on how incredibly rude it is to demand that your guest’s wear a specific attire to your wedding BUT I’ve decided to take the high road and just concentrate on clothing myself.

I’m hoping to do a little bit of a classed-up cowboy look. This is similiar to what I'm wearing to the rehearsal dinner:

101211 e
Image Courtesy of: Wardrobe 911

This is what I have so far for the actual wedding:

101211 a

I picked up the dress from the clearance rack at Target and got the boots in an epic mall journey this past Monday (The Boy is a patient, patient man) from DSW. But now I need help accessorizing it. That’s where Tulle Nation comes in! I’ve found some items that I already own that I think would go with this ensemble but I’m crap at putting together “a look”. So help me choose!

Here’s the purse options:

101211 b

Here’s the necklace options:

101211 c

Here’s the earring options:

101211 d

And one more thing… I’d feel more comfortable wearing a shirt or jacket/cardi over this so if you have any suggestions on that front – I’d love to hear them! Also, I have tons of fabric and mad sewing skillz so I'm not above DIYing something for the wedding.

Help me, Tulle Nation – You're my only hope!