Wedding Wednesday: Images of Our Civil Ceremony

Phew! It's been quite the last couple of weeks y'all. I found out that my dad has a super aggressive form of stomach cancer, The Boy and I flew to Alaska to be with my family, and THEN WE GOT MARRIED!!! So, ya know… I've been busy. I hope Tulle Nation doesn't mind me using today's post to showcase gratuitous shots from The Boy and my civil ceremony in Alaska.

All Images Courtesy of: Amber Westerlund

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072711 a  072711 c
072711 b 
072711 d 
072711 f 
072711 i 
072711 p 
072711 j 
072711 l 
072711 e 072711 h
072711 g 
072711 m 
072711 n 
072711 o 

Are ya still with me Tulle Nation? Cuz I might have a wee bit of a tear in my eye right now. This whole thing was a scary, overwhelming, amazing experience. I don't regret our change of plans for one minute. Thanks for all the support! Next Wedding Wednesday – I'll breakdown the ceremony for you (including a download of our readings and vows!). See y'all then!