Wedding Wednesday: My Purchases Thus Far (or Crap I’ve Bought)

One of the very, very, very first things that a bride does (quite literally moments after saying "yes") is buy stuff. I don't know what it is but you suddenly feel this overwhelming urge to run out and buybuybuy. I know that I did (and that I can't be the only one out there)! So, humor me, and read on to see all the stuff that I rushed out and bought post-engagement (I promise that most of it is cool):

060811 a 

Remember this post? Well, here's the fabrics that I bought to match my new color scheme. I have also picked up a few more since then – one from the Crate & Barrel outlet and one's a shower curtain from Target.

060811 b 

This one kills me – I won this bit of loveliness in a giveaway hosted by Big Day for 10k. It's a custom made sash from Make Believe'N and I jefreaking'dore it! I have some kinda plans for this baby but you'll have to stick around until my wedding to see what they are…

060811 c 

I designed these suckers and plan to use them as address labels for our wedding invitation envelopes. Earlier this year, I snapped up a Living Social* deal that offered a $50 VistaPrint credit for only $10. Um, yes please? I used the bulk of the credit to design and print my Save-the-Dates (you see those in a few months) and had enough $ leftover to print these. Yeehaw! *disclaimer

060811 d 

These are some patterns that I picked out as possible Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid outfits. I come from a long line of talented seamstresses so I'm not nervous to try and give it a go on making all the dresses myself (though my mom has agreed to help out with altering in the days leading up to the wedding. Thanks mom!). I like how simple these are – it will allow the pretty girls to shine through.

060811 e 

These are potential Junior Bridesmaid gifts/stuff to wear at the wedding. Most of my JBs are young-ish and will LOVE these. Plus, they come in a pretty blue gift box so all I have to do is add a ribbon and a gift card.

060811 f 

I have big plans for loads of ribbon at my wedding. These Martha Stewart ones were on clearance (it as if Martha herself wanted me to have them!) so I grabbed a few.

060811 g 

The ties for my Ring Bearers. I originally wanted bowties but these were only $6.99 at Burlington Coat Factory and almost exactly match the ties that I want The Boy's Groomsmen to wear. Who knows, I may still repurpose them into bowties - if I can figure out how!

060811 h 

I picked up these glassine bags (100 in all) from Ruffled's Recycle your Wedding. They are brand new and I'm either going to use them for favors or for something in my stationery suite.

060811 i 

This? Is the VERY FIRST THING that I bought for the wedding after getting engaged. Like moments after I texted The Boy "yes", I logged on to ASOS and purchased this. I'd had my eye on it since before Christmas (after seeing a grey one on coco+kelley) and was just looking for a good excuse to buy it. I'm thinkin' a future wedding is the perfect one!

060811 j 

I bought these after seeing them at the bookstore where I bought my wedding planner (which was the second purchase that I made!). They are so STINKING cute you would not believe and definately the most contemporary of all the books of this theme that I found. Inside each book is are a bunch of fill-in-the-blanks for the kids to help help them remember the wedding, lots of places for photos, and funny little things (Like teaching the boys dance moves! I swear, I will give $5 to the kid that does the shopping cart at my wedding!) just for kids. You can also find them here and here.

So whaddya think? Do think I have any hits in the group? What about misses? What was your first post-engagement purchase? Are you still happy with it? Let's start talkin'!