Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Day Make-up and Hair and How Much They Cost

Remember how I scored my entire wedding day outfit (dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry) for only $60.80? Well, guess how much I spent on my hair and make-up? $0. That's right – I had professional looking (and lasting) hair and make-up done for my wedding and didn't spend a dime. Check it out:

My Wedding Day Hair and Make-up:

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Shocked? Here's a quickie walkthrough:

Updo with Veil ($0.00) - Amanda has always been really talented with doing hair and wanted to do mine for my wedding. So I started a Pinterest board for wedding hair inspiration and had y'all help me figure out the best cut for my face. In the months leading up to my wedding, my regular stylist looked over the photos y'all helped me choose and cut the shape of my hair into something that would work for them.

Amanda Doing My Wedding Hair
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

About a week or so before the wedding, Amanda came to my house and practiced a few styles on me (she watched bunches of videos on YouTube to figure out how to do different looks). We tried out three or four different styles and ended up liking one updo and one down. The day of the wedding was HOT so we ended up going with the updo (so I wouldn't die in a puddle of my own sweat). 

Amanda Doing My Wedding Hair Front ViewAmanda Doing My Wedding Hair Back View
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

To prep my hair, I showered late the night before and let my hair dry as I slept. The morning of, I flat ironed my hair (with my trusty ceramic jobbie). When Amanda was ready to do my hair (I just sat on a chair in my living room while my bridesmaids made the bouquets and the younger ladies got their hairs did by my sister-in-law), she smoothed mousse through it and used a curling iron to create soft waves and large curls in my hair (and add more texture).

My Wedding Hair Updo
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Then she went to town with a stack of bobby pins from my bathroom. At the end, she hairsprayed it lightly and pinned the veil in. Voila!

Make-up ($0.00) - Once again, Amanda to the rescue! We used to be roommates in California and (since I am hopeless at being a girl) she always did my make-up for me before we would go out. This was such a tradition between us that she asked if she could do my make-up for the wedding. OF COURSE!

My Wedding Hair
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

On the same day Amanda came by to practice my wedding hair, she also brought along ALL her make-up (and I do mean all – it filled an entire tackle box!). I busted out my measly four things of make-up. She looked over my Pinterest make-up board and watched some YouTube videos… and she played.

Amanda Doing My Wedding Makeup
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

I wanted a really simple and natural look and didn't much care at all past that. Amanda stuck with the natural look but decided to pop some color on my eyes to coordinate with my wedding necklace (and the wedding's color scheme).

Amanda Doing My Wedding Eye Make upAmanda Doing My Wedding Eye Makeup
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

She used her own eyeshadow palette for my eyes. I had gotten eyelash extensions (via a KILLER LivingSocial deal) the week before so there was no need for mascara or eyeliner. The lovely people over at BooBoo Cover-up had sent me a sample of their product months before and it is, no joke, the ONLY I have found that works on my undereye circles. Amanda used a concealer brush to apply it and then laid on her own L'Oreal foundation all over my face with a sponge.

Checking My Wedding Makeup
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Then, she applied my own NARS blush in Orgasm (THE best blush ever and TOTALLY worth the price) to the cheeks, temples, and the bridge of my nose (makes skin look dewy and sun-kissed) with a fluffy brush. Last, she used a CoverGirl lip stain on my lips and topped it with a Stila lip color. Awesome… and free.

Hugging Amanda After Doing My Wedding Makeup
Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

    Total Cost of my Wedding Day Hair and Make-up: $0!

    Whee! I done GOOD, right y'all?!?! Did any of you have score any freebies for your wedding day hair and make-up? Did you DIY or have a friend who did it for you? How did it work out for you? You know I want to hear all about it!