Wedding Wednesday: Some DIYs That I Might Try

Y'all should know that I'm SUPER excited to DIY the shiz out of The Boy and my wedding. Over the last couple of months, I've been bookmarking different potential DIYs to try out. Here's a few that I'm thinking of tackling:

Build-a-Cupcake (Craft for the Kid's Table)

062211 a 

Image Courtesy of: craftyminx

Confetti Bag (for the Going Away Part at the End of the Night [what in God's name is that called anyway?])

062211 b 

Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Homemade Butter (for the Reception Meal)

062211 c 

Image Courtesy of: Maize Hutton

Create Coloring Book Pages Using Our Photos (for the Kid's Table)

062211 d 

Image Courtesy of: PhotoJoJo

DIY Wedding Bouquet (for Me for the Ceremony but Less Roses and More Peonies)

062211 e 

Image Courtesy of: Hey Gorgeous

So, am I completely crazy? Are any of planning to DIY any of your wedding decor, flowers, food, or favors? Have any of you done one of the projects above? How did it turn out for you? Let me know in the comments!