Wedding Wednesday: The Anti-Stripper Bride

A quick post today but a goody. I’m seeing an emerging trend in the arena of wedding-related events that I’m liking. The Anti-Bachelorette Party. I freaking love this.

071311 a 
Image Courtesy of: More Than Doughnuts

See, I don’t drink. At all. And I’m not a big fan of bars (because if you don’t drink – what else are you going to do there?). Or strippers. Seriously, why in the hell do people find male strippers appealing? Flaccid junk flopping in my face while I try to nibble on a canapé and talk to my bestie? No thank you. Walking around in public wearing a penis for a necklace + a veil + fuzzy pasties = Not My Idea Of A Good Time. And what is up with the making strangers eat things off you? Ever heard of personal space????


071311 b 
Image Courtesy of: Dolly Mix

So, as you can tell… I’m not a fan of the bachelorette party. Luckily, my friends (and wedding party) knew that going into this whole thing. So, they immediately started planning for something a little different – The Anti-Bachelorette Party.

Basically, The Anti-Bachelorette Party has everything that a regular Bachelorette Party does… minus the gross. From the sounds of it – it’ll be a fun afternoon and evening for us girls only. Probably there will be a spa involved. Hopefully, there’ll be a chick flick with gorgeous men for us to ogle shamelessly. They’ll drink, I’ll have soda, we’ll laugh. My kinda night out with friends.

So how about you, Tulle-ers? Are you fan of the Bachelorette Party? Or are you more in my Anti-camp? Let’s throw down in the comments!