Be Weird. Be You.

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Now that I have a daughter, I find myself thinking a lot about the messages that I want her to hear from me. What do I want to share with her? What do I want her to know? What will she take away from our interactions? There are so many things that I want her to know but I always find myself coming back to this… Be Weird. Be You.

Be Weird. Be You. In this shirt from @centsofstyle #ad #centsofstyle

I've spent most of my life not being like other people. Growing up, I preferred musicals to whatever was one the radio and enjoying reading in my room to going to parties. I loved comic books and computer games before they were cool. I was on a fencing team and the editor of my high school's yearbook. As an adult, I still get giddy when the new Marvel movie comes out and stood in line to buy six of the seven Harry Potter books. I sometimes laugh out loud at funny things that I'm thinking in my head. I love packing and think it's really fun to organize it all and create lists. I read books on coding and HTML. In a nutshell, I am what most people would call weird. But, it's who I am and I'm comfortable with that. That's really what I want my daughter to know. That you need to be you. Be weird. Be brave. Be happy. Be kind. Be still. Be uncommon. Be true. BE YOU. It's all I could ever ask for.

Be Weird. Be You. In this shirt from @centsofstyle #ad #centsofstyleBe Weird. Be You. In this shirt from @centsofstyle #ad #centsofstyleBe Weird. Be You. In this shirt from @centsofstyle #ad #centsofstyle

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