What To Do On Your Honeymoon + How To Ignore ALL of the Suggestions from Lexi of Glitter & Pearls

Hi! I'm Lexi. I am so excited to be guest blogging today on Kiss My Tulle. Cris writes one seriously funny/real wedding blog, and I'm a big fan! I'm actually the Editor of a Lifestyle blog: Glitter & Pearls, and I recently started a Weddings + Events blog: Glitter Weddings (in part, because I was so inspired by amazing blogs like Cris's). I'm also a part-time lawyer, part-time blogger, and full-time wedding + fashion obsessive.

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On Honeymoon-Planning

So here's the thing – everyone you know who got married, had a honeymoon (barring freaky unforeseen circumstances, which would totally suck, because Honeymoons are awesome.) They all have opinions about exactly what you should do, where you should eat, the ratio of skiing to sightseeing your trip allows; they're eyes light up like a pinball machine when you mention a city they to have been to, or worse, honeymooned in. Then the laundry list of highlights and must-do's come pouring out, and your sweet honeymoon list explodes with far more things than days in a honeymoon a boss wouldn't freak out over.

I know with wedding advice we all dish out this feel-good-be-yourself stuff, but seriously, for your honeymoon, forget everyone else and do what you want. Because let's face it, when you plan a wedding, it's NOT just about what you want. It's about what your mom wants, what your dad wants, what your grandparents want or would have wanted, what the groom's parents timidly or not so timidly tell you they want, what you think your guests will like, what won't push your unstable Aunt over the edge, what the photographer deems is "the only way," what time, weather, and money allows (oh trust me, the list goes on and on.) Note: I am not a cynic, I am a realist. A realist who really, really wanted to do nothing … in Paris (and other foofy European cities) for several weeks.

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So we did just that. We spent lots of hard-earned money, booked lots of hotels, some we really couldn't afford, some we could afford (and regret later with hilariously gross Honeymoon stories), ate way too much food (buh-bye wedding diet), walked, talked, and did a lot of nothing. It was bliss. Everyone had all of these "suggestions" for snorkeling adventures, cave-diving, mountain climbs, excavations, and lord knows what else. We were happy eating every hour on the hour, buying useless knick-knacks, and remembering only occasionally to take photos (#badblogger). If deep sea diving is your kind of thing, do it! Nod and smile when everyone who ever had a honeymoon ever tells you exactly who/when/what/where, and then stick to plan, or lack thereof, and enjoy your honeymoon!

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