Working with Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

A while ago, I asked reader, Wintr, to experiment with a cool version of the popular wedding cake topper – fondant. This version was created by Clockwork Lemon and it looked divine! Fondant is a popular way to finish of a wedding cake because it results in a smooth, chic surface. However, normal fondant tastes icky. Seriously icky. So when I saw this recipe from Clockwork Lemon:


Image Courtesy of: Clockwork Lemon

I knew that I needed to share it with my readers. Here's what Wintr did with it:


Image Courtesy of: Wintr Howard

Pretty and professional looking. Wintr's advice for working with this typ of homemade fondant? "If you have never worked with fondant before, it is best to experiment before doing a big project [like this] because it is harder than it seem. And ribbon and flowers are wonderful [for] cover[ing] any bloopers. I had a lot of fun with it [and] it actually tastes very good!"