Melanie at 6 Months

Melanie is six months old and OMG – she's FINALLY like a real baby! She's sleeping more during the day, she can play by herself for longer periods of time, and she's just interacting and happy all over the place. So, here's a six month update for y'all (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 6 Months

You can creep everywhere and just love it.
You have really grown up in the last couple of weeks.
You are so fun now.
You are starting to sleep longer during the day.
You enjoy playing on your tummy or in your walker for long periods of time.
Your bottom teeth are fully in and your top ones are working on it.
You did great on your first plane ride, from Texas to Alaska and back.
You like to share toys with Hank.
You love chewing on newspaper ads, catalogs, and gift wrap.
You can sleep in your crib all night but Mommy still loves to snuggle with you in the morning.
Mommy's favorite thing with you is kissing the swirl on the back of your head.
Daddy's is having you blow raspberries at him and do a taco tongue.

We just love you.

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