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Kiss My Tulle began in October 2007 as a budget wedding budget but rebranded into a lifestyle blog in 2016 at the request of longtime readers who loved Cris's irreverence and voice.

Now, this blog is filled with humor, down-to-earth advice, true parenting stories that are equal parts funny and horrifying, and some swearing while tackling real life in a perfectionist world. Stick around!

You'll either learn something… or want to call CPS.

About Me Kiss My Tulle Texas Mom Blogger

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A native of Salcha, Alaska, Cris now lives in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, Cris, her husband (The Boy), a cat (George), a kindergartener (Melanie), and a toddler (Finn) are busy remodeling their 1,300 square foot home.

She is a big fan of french fries, 80's One-Hit Wonders, and any show involving serial killers. Cris is 40 years old, a whopping 5'5″, and loves her some blue-eyed men.

She has a degree in Web Design and another in e-Commerce plus she frequently teaches wedding and blogging classes for various Adult Community Education programs.

She also would dry hump the Boston Red Sox and needs the Internet like a WASP needs booze.

Check out The Boy and Cris's $5,000 budget wedding, find out more about my pregnancies, or see some of the improvements we've been doing to our home!

You can also feel free to email me!

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