Kiss My Tulle is a well-known lifestyle blog that readers flock to for its wealth of wedding knowledge, pregnancy tips and tricks, parenting experience, fashion and beauty inspiration, travel stories, home improvement inspiration, DIYs, and health/fitness advice.

Your partnership will earn you daily exposure to hundreds of engaged couples, parents, and fitness enthusiasts. Kiss My Tulle enjoys:

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+ a consistently growing Instagram following

+ popular boards on Pinterest

+ and a worldwide readership (though Kiss My Tulle is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 24-35, are attending graduate school, and browse this site from home.)

How Does This Work?

Sponsorship Kiss My Tulle Texas Mom Blogger

Please keep in mind that Kiss My Tulle does have a few important sponsorship guidelines. These include:

  • No refunds on paid partnerships.
  • Each link and image MUST include a rel=”nofollow”.
  • Each sponsored post MUST include a paid post disclaimer at the top of the post.
  • Each social media campaign post must include one of the following hashtags: #ad, #sponsored, or #partners
  • All partnerships must fit the intent of Kiss My Tulle.
  • No landing pages to porn sites, no spam ads, and no links to viruses.
  • All of Kiss My Tulle’s click-through users must land on the same page.
  • All content must be grammatically correct.
  • Posts cannot offend based on race, gender, culture, sexual preference, or disability.

Gift Guide Inclusions

For a short time only, Kiss My Tulle will be accepting product placements for holiday gift guides. Currently, the following opportunities are available:

$75 for a placement of a single item in a round up with a single “no=follow” link.


$125 for two placements (either two different items in one gift guide or two different items in two different gift guides) with a “no=follow” link per item. All payments will be collected in full via a PayPal invoice prior to inclusion in the gift guide.

Contact cris@kissmytulle.com for more information.