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03 August 2011


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Casie {@TheNameIsCasie}

Simply. Beautiful. I *LOVE* how your guests were asked to turn off their cell phones AND put down their cameras so that they could simply be PRESENT in your moment. I dont think that people realize how important that is. It's easy to get LOST in the moments while trying to capture them in this crazy lil' world of ours. It's why I'm a huge proponent of telling photographers to (on their days off, of course!) leave their cameras at home and just LIVE life...not *capture* it, You need to know what a fleeting-once-in-a-lifetime-moment FEELS like in order to photograph it.

Love-Love-LOVE this post! ♥

Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss}

I LOVE this picture of you two. You look so happy! And the part about doin' it to complete the marriage, hilarious! You Alaskans got it all right ;-)


Thank you! I really loved our ceremony - it was really something that reflected us and taught our guests a little bit more about our relationship.

jacin {lovely little details}

love this so much, it is so special!! what an amazing memory for you.


You look happy and in love, best part. <3


Thank you, ladies! Lovin' the LOVE!

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