12 Stocking Stuffers for People Who F&%#king Love Swearing

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I shit you not – I fucking love swearing. LOVE IT. It probably has a lot to do with growing up with a mom who hated it and used to lecture me a lot. Or… I could just love it. So much so that I actively look for fellow swearers at mommy groups and blogging conferences, like – “WHERE ALL MY DAMN BITCHES AT????”. Are you the same? Know someone who is? Why not make their Christmas awesome AF with one (or all) of these 12 stocking stuffers for people who fucking love swearing:

12 Stocking Stuffers for People Who F&%#king Love Swearing

“Thank You For Parking Like An Asshole” Cards: Admit it. You've always wanted to passive-aggressively tell someone what a shitty parking job they've done.

“Fuck This Shit” Pencil Set: Perfect for your work bestie who laughs at shit with you.

Resting Bitchface Button: Fun flair's always a fucking winner.

Resting Bitchface Make-up Bag: 99.9% of the bitches on this planet want this bag.

Middle Finger Washi Tape: You know, for those days when you're feeling like a crafty asshole.

Asshole Apology Card: Because even assholes need to apologize sometimes.

“Fuck Off” Fingerless Gloves: Who says you can't make a fucking statement while standing in line in the cold?!?!

“A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee” Mug: Another winner for those shit days when only coffee , swearing, and Twin Peaks will do.

“Festive As Fuck” Lip Balm: When it's true – it's fucking true.

“Boss Bitch” Patch: Might as well let the whole damn world know about it.

“Fuck Putting On Pants” Bracelet: For those who like their fucking swearing a little more subtle.

“Bitch, Please” Drink Sleeve: Drink this while dealing with those bitches in the school drop-off line.

Who's getting the best. fucking. stocking. stuffers. ever?

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