The Best Gifts For Bloggers

Every year, I do a series of gift guides (one for the ladies, one for the men, one for Melanie, and one for Finn) and always try to add a few fun ones to mix, too.

Like these gifts for the feminists in your life, these ones for your friend who loves to swear, and gifts perfect for anyone who has a period.

This year, I decided to do a fun guide on the best gifts for bloggers after adding a bunch of great stuff to my own wish list.

I mean, I'm willing to bet that every single one of you knows at least ONE blogger and will be giving them a gift.

The Best Gifts For Bloggers

As someone who went YEARS without investing in my business or asking for equipment for the holidays, I am here to tell you to NOT BE LIKE ME.

Ask, ask, ask for the things you need to make your blogging business better. There's no shame in wanting things that will increase your profits or brand.

Wanna help out the blogger in your life (or maybe, pick up a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself)? Here's my picks:

Wanna help out the #blogger in your life (or maybe, pick up a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself)? Here's my picks! #shopping #holidays #giftguide

Portable Photography Studio:

Super helpful for photography and takes up a small amount of space. Really great for bloggers who live in small spaces.


So on trend and SO versatile. Loads of bloggers use them for props in photography and Instagram campaigns.

Photography Lighting Kit:

If you have the space for a dedicated photography “studio” (i.e. a room or even just a table that can be permanently set up), then invest in these lights.

They are a pain to set up and take down so I'd recommend only getting them if you have the space.

Foldable Carry On Bag:

The BEST thing I have ever taken with me to conferences.

The bag folds up into a small square and then unfolds into a nicely sized carry on bag that is waterproof and can slip right on to the handle of your luggage.

Collapsible Reflectors:

Recommended to me by the instructor of the best photography course I have ever taken.

They collapse into a small bag that can be carried or hung up and help balance out different kinds of light.

Cell Phone Soft Light:

Clips on to any cell phone and is rechargeable. Offers a soft, flattering light for Instagram photos and live videos.

Best. Blogger. Ever. Mug:

I mean, your blogger friend IS the best blogger ever, right?

This mug is perfect for coffee (or Diet Coke) AND makes a great prop for videos and photos.

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera:

Recommended to me by the amazing Jill, this camera takes both photos AND video and is much more portable than the traditional DSLR cameras.

Wood Look Photography Backdrops:

Very classic look and perfect for using as a backdrop in photo shoots and videos.

Full Size Studio Set Up:

If you have the space for it, OMG – this will change you life. Set up full-sized backdrops for taking photos or videos. Looks professional AF.

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