Buy Everything you Need for a Black Panther Birthday Party with Amazon Prime

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Admit it, y'all LOVED Black Panther! I know, we ALL did. My daughter wasn't able to watch it in the theater with me but she loves the trailers on YouTube and watches them endlessly (she's #TeamShuri!). I don't mind since it's such a great movie with a powerful message and a killer soundtrack. So many kids are so obsessed with this movie that I honestly think we'll be seeing A LOT of Black Panther birthday parties this year.

Which is really fantastic when you think about it because it's such an empowering movie with lots of opportunities to make it into a fun theme. I'm thinking lots of metallics (ala vibranium), icy drinks (both child and adult!), tasty food, and an epic round of laser tag. You can have everyone dress up like their favorite character from the movie and then toss them these gauntlets later to burn off energy.

How cute would it be to set up a couple of different STEM based activity tables (like a fossil/geology one, a DIY slime one, a mini block building one, or some magnetic tiles)? Put it next to a table decorated with a metallic theme and a pile of Black Panther paper goods for all that yummy food. Want to do this for your little one, too? Here's how to buy everything you need for a Black Panther birthday party with Amazon Prime!

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Decorations: Tablecloth // Black Woven Table Runner // Balloons // Balloon Inflator Tank // Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece // Garland

Fun Stuff: Pez Dispensers // Character Sunglasses // Junior Novel // Kid's Book // Wakanda Bracelet

Food and Beverages: Cupcake Ring Toppers // Plates, Cups, and Napkins // Cups // Black and Silver Straws // Plastic Flatware

Dress Up: Black Panther Costume // Shuri Costume // Black Panther Mask

Imagine all the fun the little T'Challas and Shuris will have at this party? Bonus points if you download and play the soundtrack at the party. Even better, have a karaoke machine set up for everyone to sing along (please, you know you want to).

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